IT professionals today are finding that leaving the office behind for the day is a very difficult thing to do. With the thought of data breaches, down systems, poor response and escalation procedures looming on the horizon, it is very difficult for the CIO to get any sleep at all!

According to research published by the Society for Information Management (SIM) the job of CIO, or even IT Manager, has evolved way beyond the 9-5 job, and businesses are putting even more pressure on these key individuals to perform. The most prevalent challenges today are seen on the following areas;

• Security/privacy
• Getting IT aligned with the business
• Juggling the ever revolving door of IT skillsets and human resource challenges
• Shortages of IT Talents
• Agility and Flexibility in delivering people and technology on time and within budget

ITS has built proven Practices to address your security needs, with penetration testing and cloud based support to improve security and uptime. Our 24/7 Service and resolution center will field, log, triage, and remediate most issues with better than a 95% achievement rate.

Our Human Capital Management Programs will deliver the correct skillset, on time, within budget. We are currently running at a 75/20/3 CMP rate. For every position we review 75 resumes, interview at least 20 candidates and provide 3 resources to our clients for their final selection. Background/security clearances and technical interviewing are all a part of our programs. Our ability to add and remove resources is paramount to our success in solving client issues and letting you sleep at night!

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