The ITS Mission

ITS combines leading-edge technology expertise with business strategy to provide creative, value-added solutions that help our clients exceed their objectives.

To fulfill this mission and provide exceptional value to our customers, we have created a company that attracts, recruits, and retains talented employees. Employees are provided the same dignity, concern and respect within the organization that they are expected to display externally with every client.

We live by the following rules for customer service:

  1. We deliver outstanding work, on time, and on budget.
  2. We view technology in terms of the client’s business, their goals, and their needs. How is what we are doing going to improve the client’s business (e.g., revenue, profit, sales, customer retention, time-to-market, costs, employee retention, etc.)?
  3. We go the extra mile for our clients. We give 110%.
  4. We are always available to help our clients. We are part of the client’s team, and they are part of our family.
  5. Quality work must be perceived by the client as a solid value.
  6. We think ahead in order to provide a lasting foundation for our clients. We set new benchmarks, create new standards, and take every opportunity to become legendary.
  7. We look at things from other people’s perspectives, and we value other people’s input and contribution.
  8. We always strive to improve everything we do.
  9. In good design, form follows function.
  10. All projects produce ongoing support needs; all support operations reveal new project needs. We will help our clients address both needs.
  11. We never disparage someone else’s work, whether done by another ITS employee, another firm, or the client.

It is through these rules that ITS provides lasting value by generating a fair profit.


We are a CCO (Customer Centric Organization).  Everything from our Time Management System, the Human Resource Information System, our accounting and parts logistics system is designed, maintained and implemented with the customer in mind.  In 1998 we revolutionized the industry with systems that allowed our employees to spend 25% less time on internal paperwork, and more time servicing the customer – we continue to achieve that today.  Any new system has to integrate into our environment and our client’s systems seamlessly.

Core Values revolve/evolve around the client, for without you we have no reason to be in business.  Our intellectual assets are found in our engineering staff and it is of paramount importance that we continue to deliver quality client experiences through them. We understand that we have to show excellence in all we do to support them. Our responsibility to give back to the community is demonstrated in many ways, including the Scholarship Foundation we fostered that aids college-bound students whose families have been touched by cancer.  ITS provides more than just a service to our clients of course, and we realize that, as a small business, we are providing more than just employment to a few people in our geographic area.