Managed Onsite Services

With ITS Managed Onsite Services, ITS will build and/or run your helpdesk, desktop support, IT logistics, network operations center, server support, operating system engineering, messaging engineering, or network engineering groups at your location, using industry standards and our own proven processes and procedures. We supply a skilled manager, technical staff, and SLAs, and we are accountable for budget and performance.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs through better IT efficiency and productivity
  • Measurable, predictable performance from proven processes and procedures
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency leveraged from our onsite model 
  • Enhanced control of your IT operation


Improved service levels and budgetary control

Service levels and budgetary control are improved through a 4-step process

  1. Determine current actual service levels and costs
  2. Define desired service levels and budget, and a transition plan to reach them
  3. Implement the transition plan and run the new operation 
  4. Measure results and drive continual improvements

ITS provides senior consulting resources to accomplish steps 1 and 2, followed by an experienced onsite team to perform steps 3 and 4. ITS takes ongoing responsibility for meeting expectations, month in and month out.

Improved flexibility and efficiency

At appropriate times, you can decide to assign part of the ITS onsite team to other short duration IT projects. This flexibility benefits you in several ways:

  • Your project is staffed by people who already know your users and your environment. This reduces cost, risk, and time-to-deploy.
  • If we run your helpdesk and/or NOC, they will be quickly integrated into the project process. The entire ITS support team is quickly cross-trained on the upgraded infrastructure, thereby minimizing risk and maximizing service.
  • Your users (and other technology teams) will have enhanced relationships with the IT staff. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall IT organization.
  • The knowledge base is increased, and motivation is enhanced. This serves to maximize team and personal performance.

In true partnering fashion, ITS lets you use our resources just as you would your own, and the knowledge they gain about your specific environment stays with you for the duration of our relationship.

Customization and investment retention

While we use proven operational techniques to deliver industry-standard performance, our onsite operation is completely customized for your environment. This has important benefits:

  • Our services meet your specific needs. We know that each environment and corporate culture is different.
  • Enhancements that we make (or recommend) stay with you. You won’t lose them if you decide to change our relationship.
  • The data your systems collect about support, operations performance, and your network stays with you. You won’t lose it if you decide to change our relationship.
  • There is no need to “standardize” your technology to meet our requirements (unlike many outsourcing firms).

As a result, your current investment in technology is retained, as is the investment you make with ITS.

Improve your technology infrastructure

ITS also performs network integration consulting and projects. Because of this, there’s no need to turn to an outside source for additional desktop, LAN, WAN, or security projects. Also, since we’re a part of your team, cost, risk, and deployment time are all reduced. Our technology experts will work hand-in-hand with your onsite ITS team. This provides unique benefits:

  • Unlike network integration firms who only do projects, or outsourcing firms who don’t integrate with your IT organization, we understand how proposed changes will impact your entire environment. With ITS, you won’t have budget or user satisfaction surprises.
  • Unlike staffing firms who provide “bodies” with no accountability, our onsite team interacts constantly with our network integration experts, to identify and recommend infrastructure improvements to save you money all while increasing your user satisfaction.

Using practices honed over years of building and running operations for large enterprises, ITS brings accountable, cost-effective onsite services to mid-size businesses for the first time.