Managed Remote Services

The Remote Support Services Center (RSSC) provides assistance to a wide and varied customer base.  Staffed by talented individuals experienced in managing multi-client environments, the RSSC supports such diverse user populations as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and small business.  

The RSSC is divided into two groups that allow ITS to position our services to meet wide-ranging customer demand.  The Customer Service Group (CSG) is manned round-the-clock to provide level 1 and level 2 customer support resolving issues both small and large.  The CSG also provides monitoring services as well as outage notification.  Working alongside, the Advanced Services Group (ASG) provides level 3 support and addresses server and network issues as well as higher-level device troubleshooting.  

The RSSC was built on a rich heritage of onsite client support experience.  With our established presence in more than twenty enterprises, we used our decades-long hands-on experience to craft a multi-client environment.  What was initially established to service the needs of a single organization in 2013, has since grown to provide fully out-tasked twenty-four-hour, seven- day-a-week Helpdesk services as well as critical after-hours support for those organizations that run limited Helpdesk operations to more than seven corporations, great and small.

Key Benefits

  • Easy integration and “snap in” to ITS Managed Onsite Services
  • Remote 7x24x365 support solution in favorable geographic area
  • Fully customized client solutions that offer global support capabilities
  • Customized ACD and client ticketing reporting
  • Flexible pricing options and SLAs
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency leveraged from our onsite model
  • Great augmentation to existing daytime only support structure for after-hours support or “follow the sun” model.

As a resolution-based Level 2 Helpdesk, the RSSC team is able remotely resolve over 80 percent of the typical personal computer problems that plague end-user productivity.  This empowers organizations to “do more with less” by permitting already burdened IT department personnel to focus on building the business and not resolving common computer issues. 

Furthermore, by leveraging the experience and skills of the ASG, the RSSC is able to further improve first-call resolution by seamlessly handing off higher-level problem tickets to a specialized team that can handle a broad range of server and network issues.  The ASG performs deep analysis to diagnose and resolve complex problems to further enable the organization’s in-house teams to focus on projects that benefit the business, and not just patching problems.